Welcome to our wedding planning portfolio. We are honored to capture a select number of weddings annually, ranging in size, budget, location, and theme. Whether you prefer outdoor celebrations or indoor receptions, we create memorable experiences that your guests will cherish for years to come.

Our seasoned professional wedding planners and extensive network of wedding industry leaders, located both in Florida and Jamaica, work masterfully and tirelessly together, launching your uniquely tailored local or destination wedding and vacation brilliantly executed elegantly. Associate with unparalleled vision and inspired creativity towards your ideal experience of a touch of divine perfection. Presented to you in an awe-inspiring, scenic, and dreamy backdrop of truly the world’s most invigorating and breathtaking natural exquisite beauty.

The Weddings in Paradise team is composed of passionate and certified professional wedding planners who are caring and joyful to work with. Immersed in a tireless motion with our team moving as one, we flawlessly carry you to your final destination with only the most intimate and heartfelt memories to last you, your loved one, and all those who attend…each of your lifetimes.

Professional Wedding Planners

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