Bluefields venue in Westmoreland, Jamaica Tucked away on Jamaica’s unique South Coast, Bluefields Bay offers a respite from a busy life. With clear waters, a warm climate, and stunning geography, the private concierge can arrange any experience—relaxing or adventurous—that will ensure the personalized getaway of a lifetime.

An ultra-luxurious escape unlike any other, Bluefields Venue Villas provides an incomparable home-away-from-home experience. Ranging from one to six bedrooms, each villa is appointed with sizeable indoor and outdoor living and dining areas, private pools, and unmatched vistas overlooking the sea. Upon arrival, guests are welcomed by a dedicated staff, including a personal chef, butler, maid, and concierge, who work together around the clock to create a completely customized experience tailored to the needs and desires of each guest. Bluefields Venue Suite guests get much of the same experience with a shared pool and restaurant.

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