Get Married in Jamaica

Get Married in Jamaica

Get Married in Jamaica – A love story that begins in paradise”

One of the Caribbean’s most exotic and beautiful natural landscapes is found in Jamaica. Its sweeping mountain vistas border its golden sand beaches, which are lapped by some of the most exquisite crystal-like waters anywhere. These exquisite settings are the ideal setting and will ensure that your wedding day is one you will never forget.

There are many reasons to get married in Jamaica:

If the breathtaking scenery, sunsets, and romantic ambiance aren’t enough to convince you, then consider these additional factors:

It’s exclusive and personal: A unique wedding that includes all of your specific requirements, your special someone, and your family and friends. The perfect getaway for a wedding.

Your big day is coming, and Jamaica is ready: Weddings in Paradise is more than qualified to assist you in your wedding vision, thanks to our extensive experience in planning and executing weddings.

Jamaica is also a honeymoon destination: You can visit for your honeymoon. There is no need to travel to a more pricey location when Jamaica offers the same beauty and even more.

What document is required to get married in Jamaica?

The following documents must be presented in order to get married in Jamaica:

Evidence of citizenship: A valid birth certificate or passport.

Evidence of a death or divorce certificate: You must present documentation of your divorce or demise if you were previously married.

Application for a marriage license: You must fill out and sign an application form for a marriage license, which is available from the Registrar General’s Department, online or we can provide it for you.

Payment of fees: Whether you are a resident of Jamaica or a non-resident, you will need to pay a fee for the marriage license.

Witnesses: The wedding ceremony must have two witnesses in attendance.

Wedding sunset

Most Spectacular Wedding Venues in Jamaica

There are many lovely locations in Jamaica where you can get married. A few well-liked wedding locations in Jamaica: Beaches: Jamaica is renowned for having stunning beaches, and many resorts and lodging establishments provide beachfront setting.  Waterfalls: Dunn’s River Falls, one of Jamaica’s beautiful waterfalls, make for a lovely backdrop for a wedding ceremony.Botanical Gardens: Jamaica is home to a number of botanical gardens, with tranquil and lush backdrop for a wedding.

Great Estates: Jamaica is home to a number of magnificent homes which provide an opulent and regal setting for a wedding.

Resorts: Jamaica is home to a large number of all-inclusive resorts and some are flexible and easy to work with.

Villas: For a more private and intimate setting, Jamaica has a large number of private villas that can be rented for weddings and they are gorgeous!

Role of wedding planner while getting married in Jamaica

There are numerous factors to take into account which can make the planning process for a destination wedding difficult. We are here to make the process simpler for you from start to finish. You can depend on our team to guide and lead you through this process. Our team’s main goal is for you to have a stress-free event and planning process. We never stop exploring our incredible, culturally, and aesthetically diverse country, our network of suppliers and locations keeps growing. Weddings in Paradise have the perfect wedding planning package for you.  We identify the perfect match for you, because we value your vision greatly and are really interested in a tailored approach that will assist you in selecting the options that are best for you and coordinating each component for a truly magical experience that is all yours. Planning weddings is not just “our job,” but our passion; we go above and beyond to make each wedding impeccable and unforgettable.

“Celebrate your love in Jamaica, where the warmth of the sun matches the warmth of your hearts”

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