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Weddings are great fun events – for the entourage. But for the bride and groom, they can often represent stress, anxiety, tension and worry! Having an experienced wedding planner on your side can be a tremendous help, especially if your plans include a scenic Jamaican destination weddings.

It’s All In The Planning!

Scenic Jamaica is where couples from all over the world come to solemnise their special day. In particular, if you want to wow your guests and take back life-long impressions, then Negril is the destination for your upcoming nuptials. With its multiple hotel venues, scenic backdrops and world class catering and hospitality, you will find yourself in Paradise.

And that’s precisely the kind of experience that the Weddings In Paradise team aims to deliver to all its clients. As event specialists with decades of experience, Jillian Guy and her band of veteran event planners take care of all the details for you:

  • The elegant decoration service will transform a relatively “plain” venue into a place of beauty
  • A highly skilled makeup artist will ensure you look your best at all times, especially in videos and pictures
  • Leave it to the professional florist to create arrangements from Paradise!
  • Your guests will enjoy multi-course snacks, meals, and refreshments from a top-class catering service
  • The MC will ensure there’s never a dull moment during your special time

Every aspect of your special day is planned weeks ahead, in consultations with you at every step of the way. Even the small things, like having a skillful saxophonist on tap to croon and enchant your guests to music of your choice, happen with your full participation.

While the wedding planner does all the hard work, planning, scheduling, organizing and monitoring every minute detail of the event, it is your vision that is brought to life at your Jamaican destination wedding. At the end of the day, nothing happens without YOUR say so, from the type of entertainment hosted at the event, to the photography and refreshments served.

The magic of your special day is all in the planning, which leaves you and your choice of event specialist deserving all the credit for a well planned event.

Nailing Your Special Day

Teaming up with a veteran event specialist like Jillian Guy and her team can help you relieve much of the fear, anxiety and apprehension about your special day:

  • Is the venue suitable for your entourage?
  • Have all the minute details about the reception been taken care of?
  • Will the DJ show up on time?
  • What about food and refreshments for the guests?
  • Who is looking after the videography for the event?

With the team from Weddings In Paradise working with you, you’ll nail your special day plans every time – be it an engagement, a wedding, an anniversary or a family or corporate event. You’ll never have to sweat the small stuff, and all the big stuff will be taken care of for you by the veteran wedding planner. All you need to do is focus on having a great time!