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8 Reasons to hire a wedding planner


The amount of time, detail and decision taken to make a perfect wedding can be quite overwhelming,  and throw many grooms and brides to the edge of tension and anxiety. But the journey can be much less stressful than you think. Having the help of people whose purpose is to make the dream happen brings the fun back to the discussions of wedding decorations, surprises to guests and other topics related to the date.


Wedding planners have the know-hows to make the whole process much more agile, safe and less expensive, from hiring the buffet with the wedding cake to the band’s choice. Although it seems an unnecessary extra expense for couples with more limited budgets, having at least one professional dedicated to planning the event is what separates a successful celebration from a memory full of regrets. And there are many reasons for this.


1.Cost saving: They can negotiate cost down with vendors


Wedding planners have the mission “to make your dream come true”, helping in every step of the way. What does that mean? Saving time and money is also their priority. Using experience and a network of contacts, they are able to get preferential rates and payment terms in negotiations with suppliers, without losing focus on the couple’s budget.

They are also great for assisting with bureaucratic contract issues, pointing any red flags and avoiding possible complications.

  1. Stress-free

Does the thought of planning a wedding stress you out? Sure, there are a lot of details to think about, but planning a wedding should be fun! Having a wedding planner can take the stress off your shoulder. The professional will help you develop a timeline, stick to your budget and do the heavy-lifting so you can spend your time at hair and makeup trials or clinking champagne glasses with friends.

  1. Creativity

Most brides-to-be spend hours scrolling through Pinterest and flipping through bridal magazines in search of fresh inspiration. With a wedding planner, all that research can be reduced as wedding planners are super creative! They listen to your ideas and dream for your wedding and bring their creativity to the process to help you to achieve your desired outcome. Because wedding planning is both exhausting and exhilarating, brides-to-be value an outlet for talking about their weddings—and a professional wedding planner is exactly that.


4.. Expertise and experience


Wedding planners know the industry inside out! These professionals have the required experience to solve absolutely all issues related to the celebration, in addition to having knowledge about suppliers, trends, contracts and many other details.

Wedding planners will sell you knowledge and experience. Experience gathered from being a professional who lives day-to-day -in the wedding world, knowing what should be done, what should not, what will work and what possibly will go wrong. They will alert you to problems and suggest new solutions.

  1. No drama

Weddings can sometimes put a strain on relationships with family and friends and while enlisting the help of a wedding planner can free you up of drama, tricky situations can still arise. Wedding planners can offer guidance on how to handle disagreements between the relatives and future in-laws over wedding details, issues with the bridesmaids, and just be a neutral person to listen if you need to vent.

  1. Optimize your time

Did you know that wedding planners can spend 100-200 hours planning a single wedding?  Do you have that many hours to spend planning and researching your wedding yourself?

Think about the number of visits to those venues that you’ll love to perform the ceremony and the reception, the hours of discussion with your family about bar menu and what flowers to choose from, the number of vendor calls, the dress fittings until you find that ideal dress and keep adding.

The wedding planner will take the bulk of planning and research off of your plate so you can focus on just being engaged.

  1. Organization & Efficiency

Wedding planners are essentially professional organizers with a really good eye for beauty and detail. Your planner will know exactly where to begin the planning process. They are able to put together lists of to-dos and tracking spreadsheets to keep information in one spot and accessible. They’ll alert you of upcoming payments, meetings and will even manage those guest lists you’ve been avoiding. So, why not avoid the burden of planning your own wedding and leave this job in safe hands?

  1. They will be there for you on the big day

A wedding planner’s work consists not only of managing pre-wedding details to pull your big day together, but also seeing what you have both worked on come to life on the day. If you choose, the professional can play a key role on your wedding day, on-site, coordinating with vendors, ensuring everything has arrived and is set up on schedule, and also making sure everything is carried out as planned. Doesn’t it sound like a much more enjoyable day?


Now, tell me, do you still have a reason NOT to hire a wedding planner?


Having someone to lean on for your wedding planning will be one of the decisions that you will be proud of saying YES to!.